What is the game schedule?
All teams, regardless of skill level, play in a tournament-style play with games. Games held within the SWBL league are typically on Saturdays, whereas tournaments outside the SWBL league may be held on Saturdays or Sundays.  The exact tournaments selected are determined by the individual teams. The benefit of the tournament-style structure is that teams typically have a minimum of three games in each tournament, providing players with more playing opportunities than simply a single game over the weekend.

Where are tournaments held?
Tournaments are held in a variety of Wisconsin locations. Distances to games may vary depending on availability and skill-level of the tournaments.

Is there a specific league for the tournaments?
The Verona Boys Wildcat Basketball Club participates in the Southern Wisconsin Basketball League (SWBL). The Black teams that opt to compete in higher-level-competition tournaments will not participate in SWBL. All other teams will be required to select a minimum of four tournaments from the SWBL tournament listing, with the flexibility to select other non-SWBL tournaments as well. Any costs of tournaments that exceed the WBC allocated amount per team will be the responsibility of the individual team.

How many tournaments will be played?
All teams are expected to compete in a minimum of 8 tournaments. All teams receive an equal amount of funds to put toward tournament registration fees. Fees are designed to cover approximately 8 SWBL tournaments. Any fees required in excess of the WBC-allocated amount to participate in additional tournaments will be paid for individually by the team.

Is there an entrance fee for spectators at tournaments?
The tournament host determines if there is an entry fee. If a fee applies it is typically $5 or less per adult.

How do SWBL tournaments and non-SWBL tournaments differ?
The cost of SWBL tournaments tend to be slightly lower than other area tournaments. SWBL offers WBC coaches the ability to select from a variety of tournament locations and dates on a single website.