Concussion Information

WBC Concussion Information:  WBC REQUIRES parents, coaches and athletes review the following information and forms to better understand concussions.

WBC Concussion Plan

  • Educate—Make sure everyone in the program knows what a concussion is.
  • Report—Coaches and parents are REQUIRED to inform the WBC President either by phone or via email when a player has a suspected or confirmed concussion.
  • Track—Players with a suspected concussion will be required to see a health care professional and obtain a letter releasing them back to play. Players will not be allowed to practice or play in games without consent of a health care professional (player’s doctor).

WBC Concussion Acknowledgement Form
The signed WBC Concussion Acknowledgement Form must be returned to WBC by the start of evaluations.

SWBL Concussion Information
The following information is informational only.  An additional waiver form is required to be signed following the team selection process.

Team Formation

How teams are formed?
Teams are formed primarily from the data received from the two days of skills evaluations and the first two days of practice. Evaluators will review player results and provide player placement recommendations by player number. Similarly, coaches from the first two days of practice will review player skill levels and provide player placement recommendations. The WBC Board will take all gathered information, including player placement recommendations under advisement when placing players onto teams. Initial placements will occur using player numbers from evaluations, not player names.  Upon review, additional feedback from a player’s coaches from a prior season may or may not be solicited. All player placement recommendations, including suggested team sizes, will be reviewed by the Board prior to being finalized.

How many teams are formed per grade?
The number of teams formed and team size will be dependent on player registration numbers. Typically, there are one to three teams per grade level.

Are all players placed on a team?
The Club’s philosophy is to place all registered players who have paid their registration fees and also attended the two days of evaluations and the first two days of practices onto a team. However, the Club reserves the right to make player cuts in the event registration numbers warrant such cuts. Players will not be placed onto a team until registration fees have been paid.

Who approves the player placements and teams?
All player placement recommendations, as well coaching placements and team size, will be reviewed and approved by the WBC Board before finalized. Individual board members will not participate in any discussions relating to their individual player placements.

When are player placements announced?
Upon finalization by the Board, player placements and teams will be posted on the WBC website.