Concussion Information

WBC Concussion Information:  WBC REQUIRES parents, coaches and athletes review the following information and forms to better understand concussions.

WBC Concussion Plan

  • Educate—Make sure everyone in the program knows what a concussion is.
  • Report—Coaches and parents are REQUIRED to inform the WBC President either by phone or via email when a player has a suspected or confirmed concussion.
  • Track—Players with a suspected concussion will be required to see a health care professional and obtain a letter releasing them back to play. Players will not be allowed to practice or play in games without consent of a health care professional (player’s doctor).

WBC Concussion Acknowledgement Form
The signed WBC Concussion Acknowledgement Form must be returned to WBC by the start of evaluations.

SWBL Concussion Information
The following information is informational only.  An additional waiver form is required to be signed following the team selection process.

SWBL Information

Information regarding the Southern Wisconsin Basketball League can be found on their website at

The following will be done AFTER teams have been formed as not all teams will participate in the SWBL conference.

SWBL Player & Parent Waiver/Code of Conduct
The SWBL Player and Parent Waiver/Code of Conduct form is provided in above link. Players and Parents/Guardians must sign this form pertaining to the current season. WBC and SWBL expect all players and parents to abide by the conduct rules listed in the conduct form.

You can Register Online with the SWBL by clicking this link. Full instructions are provided HERE.

Signed forms are to be maintained by Team Parent/Manager or Coaches during the current season.


What is the game schedule?
All teams, regardless of skill level, play in a tournament-style play with games. Games held within the SWBL league are typically on Saturdays, whereas tournaments outside the SWBL league may be held on Saturdays or Sundays.  The exact tournaments selected are determined by the individual teams. The benefit of the tournament-style structure is that teams typically have a minimum of three games in each tournament, providing players with more playing opportunities than simply a single game over the weekend.

Where are tournaments held?
Tournaments are held in a variety of Wisconsin locations. Distances to games may vary depending on availability and skill-level of the tournaments.

Is there a specific league for the tournaments?
The Verona Boys Wildcat Basketball Club participates in the Southern Wisconsin Basketball League (SWBL). The Black teams that opt to compete in higher-level-competition tournaments will not participate in SWBL. All other teams will be required to select a minimum of four tournaments from the SWBL tournament listing, with the flexibility to select other non-SWBL tournaments as well. Any costs of tournaments that exceed the WBC allocated amount per team will be the responsibility of the individual team.

How many tournaments will be played?
All teams are expected to compete in a minimum of 8 tournaments. All teams receive an equal amount of funds to put toward tournament registration fees. Fees are designed to cover approximately 8 SWBL tournaments. Any fees required in excess of the WBC-allocated amount to participate in additional tournaments will be paid for individually by the team.

Is there an entrance fee for spectators at tournaments?
The tournament host determines if there is an entry fee. If a fee applies it is typically $5 or less per adult.

How do SWBL tournaments and non-SWBL tournaments differ?
The cost of SWBL tournaments tend to be slightly lower than other area tournaments. SWBL offers WBC coaches the ability to select from a variety of tournament locations and dates on a single website.


What is the practice schedule?
Practices are typically held at Verona Area Schools (Sunday) and the SEA (Tuesday and Thursday).  Practices are held three times per week until official games begin, which is typically December or January.  Depending on school gym availability, coaches may also have the option of selecting additional practice time at other times. When official games begin for a team, the head coach has the option of reducing practices to two times per week.  All teams will be provided WBC-sponsored practice facilities until March 30, 2017. Teams that elect to continue to practice after that date will need to obtain school gym space and/or independently cover any fees associated with securing the additional gym space.

How long are practices?
Practices are typically 1-1/2 hours to 2-hours in length and will times will vary by grade.

Team Formation

How teams are formed?
Teams are formed primarily from the data received from the two days of skills evaluations and the first two days of practice. Evaluators will review player results and provide player placement recommendations by player number. Similarly, coaches from the first two days of practice will review player skill levels and provide player placement recommendations. The WBC Board will take all gathered information, including player placement recommendations under advisement when placing players onto teams. Initial placements will occur using player numbers from evaluations, not player names.  Upon review, additional feedback from a player’s coaches from a prior season may or may not be solicited. All player placement recommendations, including suggested team sizes, will be reviewed by the Board prior to being finalized.

How many teams are formed per grade?
The number of teams formed and team size will be dependent on player registration numbers. Typically, there are one to three teams per grade level.

Are all players placed on a team?
The Club’s philosophy is to place all registered players who have paid their registration fees and also attended the two days of evaluations and the first two days of practices onto a team. However, the Club reserves the right to make player cuts in the event registration numbers warrant such cuts. Players will not be placed onto a team until registration fees have been paid.

Who approves the player placements and teams?
All player placement recommendations, as well coaching placements and team size, will be reviewed and approved by the WBC Board before finalized. Individual board members will not participate in any discussions relating to their individual player placements.

When are player placements announced?
Upon finalization by the Board, player placements and teams will be posted on the WBC website.


Do I have to volunteer?
The success of WBC is directly related to key roles filled by volunteers. In addition to the role of volunteer coaches, which is a key role for WBC, volunteers are needed to assist with evaluations, spirit-wear, score keeping, game timing, and miscellaneous fundraisers. Additionally, WBC will be hosting tournaments at the SEA and a large number of volunteers will be needed for what is expected to be a huge-fundraising event for the Club.

How many hours do I need to volunteer?
Parents are expected to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per player. All parents should complete the Volunteering Info Form.

What are the volunteer opportunities?
In addition to coaching, team parents, and board member positions, all of which entirely fulfill a player’s volunteer requirements, there are a number of hourly volunteer opportunities including:

  • Evaluations:  Assist with registration check-in, spiritwear, uniform fitting, and jersey trade-in table
  • Games:  Scorekeeping and timing
  • Fund-Raisers:  Culvers night out, brat stand, summer league committee, and tournament-planning committee
  • WBC-Hosted Tournaments:  Assist with concessions, spectator fees at door, scoreboard, game timing, scorebook, waiver form collection, or just be a general helper to assist where needed.

What if I don’t want to volunteer?
Player parents who do not want to volunteer should complete the Volunteering Info Form and submit payment a $50 check payable to WBC.


Are scholarships available?
Players whose households qualify for “free and reduced lunch” will be eligible for scholarships. Players whose households have “other hardship” may also be eligible.  Scholarships in the amount of 50% of the current year’s registration fees will be available for eligible players. Should scholarship requests exceed funds available, the Board will allocate funds to those in most need.

How do I apply for a scholarship?
Prior to registration, players wishing to apply for a scholarship must complete the on-line WBC Scholarship form (under Registration).  Supporting paperwork, substantiating eligibility, can be e-mailed to or mailed to WBC, P.O. Box 930403, Verona, WI  53593.  Alternatively, a hard-copy of the scholarship application can be downloaded from the link below.

Is there other criteria to be granted a scholarship?
In order to qualify for a scholarship, parents/guardians of scholarship recipients will also be required to volunteer a minimum of eight hours of time per player. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities, including two WBC-hosted tournaments.

WBC Scholarship Form

About WBC

Our Mission
The Verona Boys Wildcat Basketball Club (WBC) is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. Our mission is to offer an instructional program to develop both individual and team basketball skills of 4th through 8th grade boys living in the Verona Area School District, thereby expanding the opportunities for players to become contributing members of the Verona High School Basketball program.

Our Philosophy
All players should be afforded the opportunity to develop, improve, and advance their basketball skills in a fun, yet competitive, environment.

Our Goal
Developing a wide range of youth talent, striving to advance the fundamental skills of all players, and working closely with the Verona High School basketball coaching staff creates a solid foundation for student athletes to excel in the sport of basketball.

Our Vision
Skills taught will align with the principles and philosophies of the Verona High School basketball program. Recognizing that players develop at different rates, skills evaluations/assessments are held prior to each season. Players are evaluated based on overall skills, attitude, and efforts. Teams are formed following evaluations and the first two practices, with each grade required to have an advanced team to compete in higher-competition tournaments. Regardless of team placement, each player will be taught valuable skills and work ethic to build a strong foundation for playing competitive high school basketball, and for overall success on and off the court.

Our Expectations
Wildcat Basketball athletes, parents, spectators, and coaches are expected to abide by their applicable Code of Conduct representing the Club in a respectful manner at all times to each other, as well as opponents and officials.