About WBC

Our Mission
The Verona Boys Wildcat Basketball Club (WBC) is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. Our mission is to offer an instructional program to develop both individual and team basketball skills of 4th through 8th grade boys living in the Verona Area School District, thereby expanding the opportunities for players to become contributing members of the Verona High School Basketball program.

Our Philosophy
All players should be afforded the opportunity to develop, improve, and advance their basketball skills in a fun, yet competitive, environment.

Our Goal
Developing a wide range of youth talent, striving to advance the fundamental skills of all players, and working closely with the Verona High School basketball coaching staff creates a solid foundation for student athletes to excel in the sport of basketball.

Our Vision
Skills taught will align with the principles and philosophies of the Verona High School basketball program. Recognizing that players develop at different rates, skills evaluations/assessments are held prior to each season. Players are evaluated based on overall skills, attitude, and efforts. Teams are formed following evaluations and the first two practices, with each grade required to have an advanced team to compete in higher-competition tournaments. Regardless of team placement, each player will be taught valuable skills and work ethic to build a strong foundation for playing competitive high school basketball, and for overall success on and off the court.

Our Expectations
Wildcat Basketball athletes, parents, spectators, and coaches are expected to abide by their applicable Code of Conduct representing the Club in a respectful manner at all times to each other, as well as opponents and officials.